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    General Rules    



The Executive Committee may amend these rules at any time if circumstances require.

Breaking these rules could lead to disqualification,

All correspondence should be addressed to:

The Program Manager at admin@pretoriaeisteddfod.co.za


All bodies, organisations and individuals who wish to enter for the Pretoria Eisteddfod must affiliate annually.

Affiliation is done electronically. An invoice will be created on completion. Please use this invoice number as reference when making a payment. Entry forms will only be activated on receipt of the affiliation payment.

We need the following information:

Details of the contact person

·         Name and Surname

·         Postal address (as well as postal code)

·         Telephone number

·         E-mail address

Details of school/studio

·         Name of school/studio

·         Postal address (as well as postal code)

·         Telephone number


1.  As from 2019 only electronic entries are accepted. Please follow the online guidelines on the webpage at www.pretoriaeisteddfod.co.za.

2. All the items from different sections can be entered on one form. Please enter all items on the "solo items" entry form (except ensembles/groups).

3.  PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THE DIFFERENT CLOSING DATES (see no 19 below). NO late entries will be accepted.

4.  It is essential that the correct information is supplied. An incomplete form will not be processed.   

5.  Information regarding the item that is entered for must be supplied in the space directly below the item, e.g. the duration of the item, the period, etc.

6. Any other information regarding the candidate, for the attention of the organiser, must be entered in the Additional Information box at the bottom of the entry form, e.g. Candidate also participates in English Drama, etc.


7. Names and surnames must be spelled correctly to ensure the correct information on the certificates. Changes/corrections after a certificate has been printed, will be subject to printing costs of R25 per certificate.

8.  Age as on 1 January 2019.

9.  All entries (Fine Arts included) are done electronically.

10.  Ten days after the closing date will be allowed for teachers/coaches to check the information on the entries. Please notify the Eisteddfod Office of any changes. After that, invoices will be finalised and no changes will be accepted.

11. Entries are not transferable between candidates.

12. Only learners from a specific establishment may enter under the affiliation of that establishment.

13. Candidates from studios must be entered by their studio or school – not both.

14. Candidates may enter only one item per category, e.g. KJ 10 Classical 6/0, unless specific provision is made in the syllabus.

15. A candidate may not present the same work in more than one category of the same section.

16. No candidate may present the same work in two (2) consecutive years.

17. Prescribed works may not be presented as an own choice.

18. All the names of participants in the ensemble and group items must be supplied on the entry form. If the names are not submitted, only one certificate will be issued to the group. Remember to state the name of the group.

19. DATES FOR 2019:

      FIRST SESSION (All sections except Strings, Classical Guitar & Fine Arts):

     18 February 2019:     Entries open

      4 March 2019:           Entries close

      15 March 2019:         Last day to verify entries

      5 April 2019:              Closing date for payments

      23 April 2019:            Adjudication commences

      SECOND SESSION (Strings, Classical Guitar and Fine Arts):

      27 May 2019:             Entries open

      10 June 2019:             Entries close

      19 June 2019:             Last day to verify entries

      15 July 2019:               Closing date for payments

      5 August 2019:           Adjudication commences


1.  The exact dates and times of participation should reach you at least 10 days prior to the start of the section. It is your responsibility to enquire from the office should you not have received information by this date.

2.  Be prepared to participate at any time from the start of the Eisteddfod. Participation in any other competitions/arts festivals during this time is done at the participant’s risk, in case of clashing performance times.


4.  A candidate who cannot perform at the allotted time will not be eligible for an award in that specific item.

5.  It is the responsibility of the teacher/coach to download the participation slips from the webpage and to check the information. No name changes are allowed on the slips.        Contact the office in case of mistakes.

6.  A candidate and accompanist must be available at least 15 minutes before the time of participation. Candidates and/or accompanists who are late, forfeit the right to perform.

7.  To be allowed to perform, the participant slip must be handed to the convenor at the adjudicator’s table.

8.  Withdrawals must be reported to the convenor 48 hours before the scheduled time.

9.  Any participant at the Eisteddfod can be invited to perform at the Prize Winners concerts.

10.  If you have difficulty in finding a prescribed work, please contact the convenor of the specific section.


1.  No participation out of session will be allowed.

2.  It is the candidate’s responsibility to ascertain his/her time of participation.

3. Time limits must be STRICTLY observed. A participant who exceeds the prescribed time with more than 30 seconds, could be asked by the adjudicator to leave the stage. The candidate, however, will not be penalized.

4.  The adjudicator’s decision is final and no discussion or correspondence on the issue will be allowed.

5.  Candidates/family members/teachers are not allowed to communicate with the adjudicator IN ANY WAY before, during or directly after adjudication.

6.  Problems must be discussed with the convenor before the start of a session. No problems will be discussed at the table.

7.  An adjudicator’s report will be handed to the participant directly after the end of the session.

8.  No certificates will be handed out before the adjudicator has delivered commentary.

9.  Only a symbol is awarded as follows:

     90% to 100%   -   Gold:       A++

     85% to 89%     -   Gold:       A+

     80% to 84%     -   Gold:       A

     75% to 79%     -   Silver:      B+

     70% to 74%     -   Silver:      B

     60% to 69%     -   Bronze:   C

• The A ++ symbol is only awarded in exceptional cases to a participant whose performance is technically well-rounded, convincingly integrated and the degree of difficulty in accordance with the participant’s development stage/age. It is also important that all the prescriptions of the syllabus be met in such a case.

Criteria for awarding Item-winner and Category-winner stickers:

The following criteria apply to awarding of item- and category winner stickers:

- An item is e.g. KJ 10 Classical u/6

- There must be at least 2 entries for the item and the participant must receive an A+ or A++ symbol.

- Only 1 item winner per item will be awarded. If there are two or more participants with the same mark, the adjudicator takes the final decision.

- A category is e.g. Classical, Romantic or Modern. The same requirements for an item winner award apply to a category winner.

10. According to the regulations at each section with regard to the number of group members, each participant receives a certificate. Additional certificates can be requested at a fee of R25 per certificate.

11. Certificates are printed according to the information on the entry form. It is therefore imperative that teachers verify all the relevant information. If a certificate has to be reprinted due to a mistake on the entry form, R25 will be charged.

12. Payment must accompany the request for a new certificate.

13. Candidates must hand a copy of own choice pieces to the convenor at the adjudicator’s table. This copy will be destroyed at the end of the Eisteddfod. The adjudicator may refuse to adjudicate if no copy is available.

14. The use of photocopies is a contravention of the Copyright Act. A published copy must therefore be available at all times at the venue where the work is performed.

15. An adjudicator may withhold an award if the standard of work is inadequate.


1.  The choice of dress for performers during adjudication is optional, however school uniform is preferred. For the Prize Winners concert, dress is formal.


1.  Entry fees are indicated at each section. An invoice will be created for each candidate. Please state this invoice number as reference when making a payment.

2.  Payments only by EFT. No cash will be accepted. No cheque deposits please!

3.  Cash deposits will attract a handling fee of R50 per transaction. No entry will be processed unless this amount was deposited with the entry fee.

4.  Eisteddfod banking details:

       Bank: Standard Bank, Menlyn

       Acc. name: SAVMO Pretoria Eisteddfod

       Acc.no.: 012 186 104

       Branch code: 012345

5.  Proof of payment to be faxed to 086 632 7728 or e-mailed to fin@pretoriaeisteddfod.co.za.

6.  Entries will only be processed once payment is reflected on the Eisteddfod’s bank account.

7. Entry fees will not be refunded.


1.  The adjudicator’s decision to bestow an award is final. A category winner is not necessarily a trophy winner.

2.  No award which is not specified in the syllabus will be awarded.

3.  An adjudicator may withhold an award if the standard of work is inadequate.

4.  All awards will be presented at a Prize-winners concert.

5.  Awards will only be done according to merit. In case of only one participant in a specific item, the participant may be considered for an award if the adjudicator is of the opinion that the performance is of a high standard and therefore deserves an award.


1.  Most trophies are floating trophies and must be returned by the closing date of new entries for the following year.

2. An administration fee of R50 will be levied for the late returning of a trophy.

3.  A trophy lost whilst in possession of a winner must be replaced at his/her own expense.

4.  On receipt of a trophy, each winner will be asked to sign a form and supply a valid home address, contact telephone number and email address.

5.  The winner is responsible for the engraving of the trophy.


Notwithstanding any of the abovementioned rules, the Eisteddfod Committee reserves the right to amend any rule if so dictated by any situation that might arise. These amendments will be circulated by email to all affected parties.

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