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    Banking Details    



Account Name:          Pretoria Eisteddfod

Bank:                           FNB

Branch Code:             250655

Current Account No:               6291 8699 656

Please state the Invoice Number as reference on all payments, therefore no need to send proof of payment.
Proof of payment will only be requested if we cannot trace the transaction on our bank statement. 

Payment can be done by using one of the following methods:

1)   EFT (Preferred method) 

2)  Cash deposits

     -   Visit a "cash enabled" FNB ATM.
     -   Choose "Cardless Services".
     -   Choose "Deposit Cash".
     -   Enter account no 6291 8699 656.
     -   Please state your invoice nr as reference.
     -   If you prefer to do a teller assisted deposit, the bank will charge a handling fee of R55.00, which has to be added to the deposit amount.

3)  Scan to pay (please send an email to confirm the transaction)