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    Guidelines for the use of the online facility    


Onthou om u taalvoorkeur te kies (links bo-aan die webblad)

How to affiliate online, register a new teacher, enroll participants,

download participant slips and to submit online entries (videos/photos).


You have to affiliate annually to enroll participants. Please do not register as a new affiliate if you have been affiliated previously. To Register as an Affiliate (New) do the following:
  1. Click on "register" below the login details.
  2. Decide on a username and password.
  3. Select the year (2022).
  4. Select your Affiliation Type from the drop-down menu. Choose one of the four options that suits your situation.
  5. Fill out the required fields marked with a (*) .
  6. Select your school/studio, or if you cannot find your school, click "add new" to add your school/studio.
  7. Once you have filled in all the required fields and selected the affiliation option, click on "submit" to save your details and continue.
  8. Clicking "submit" takes you through to the Registration Confirmation page. Double check your details and then click on Affiliate.
  9. This will take you through to the Registration Complete-page, which indicates your Affiliation Type and your Invoice number. Please make a note of this invoice number.
  10. You will now be registered for the year you selected. Please pay your affiliation fee using your invoice number as reference.  As soon as the payment has been received the affiliation will be active.


  1. If you have affiliated previously please enter your username and password. PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A NEW PROFILE! If you have forgotten your login details, click on "forgotten password". You will receive en email with your login details, or contact the Eisteddfod Office.
  2. Click on “Profile” at the top of the webpage. This will take you to the affiliation form. 
  3. Select the year (2022).
  4. Edit your details and update where necessary. Please check the name of your school/studio.
  5. Clicking "submit" takes you through to the Registration Confirmation page.
  6. Double check your details and then click on the Affiliate to register.
  7. This will take you through to the Registration Complete page, which indicates your Affiliation Type and your Invoice number. Use this invoice number as reference when you pay the affiliation fee.
  8. As soon as the payment has been received the affiliation will be active.


Please indicate the teacher's name on each entry form, not the affiliate. Convenors need to contact teachers from time to time and without the teacher’s name and contact details they find it extremely difficult.

To add a new teacher:

  1. Log in with the affiliate's username and password. 
  2. Click on "Teachers" at the top of the webpage. This page contains a list of all the teachers registered under the affiliation. (You can also view the list of teachers under "Profile").
  3. If you wish to add a teacher, click "Add New Teacher".  Each teacher must create his/her own username and password (not the same as the affiliate). Fill out the required fields marked with * and select your school/studio from the drop-down menu, or add a new school/studio by clicking "add new".
  4. Once you have filled out the required fields and selected or added a school/studio, click "submit" to save the details entered. A pop-up notification states - Teacher Saved.


To enter a participant you must be logged in and the affiliation fee for the year must be paid. Entry forms for the 1st session will be available from 7 March 2022. Register a participant by clicking "Entry Forms" at the top of the webpage. Please make a selection (solo/ensemble/group) and follow the instructions:

-  To add a SOLO entry

All the solo items of a participant can be listed on the same form. (For Ensembles/Groups please use the applicable entry form). To add a new solo entry, click "Add New Solo" on the Entry Forms page.

  1. Select the year (2022).
  2. Select a teacher or "add a teacher" if the name doesn't appear on the list.
  3. Fill out the required fields marked with *. Please choose the correct syllabus code and item before moving on. Be sure to click on "select" before moving on to add the next item. 
  4. Please use the "Additional Info" box to enter any information needed by the convenor e.g. the name of the piece, the duration, the type of instrument (Strings, Woodwind and Brass) or the type of voice (singing sections).
  5. Participants in solo items have the option to choose between a live performance or submitting a video recording (mainly for participants that might not feel comfortable to perform live). Please note that the choice cannot be amended once the live performance programmes have been finalized and the participant slips have been issued. Please note the applicable closing date in this regard.
  6. Please ensure to indicate your preferred mode of performance on the entry form. This important information is needed to compile the live performance programs.
  7. After you have selected all the items please check the information on the entry form and click on "Save".
  8. This will take you to the Confirm Registration page. On this page you have to confirm that you have checked the information, that you have read the General Rules as well as the Special Rules of the relevant section(s) and that you accept the Disclaimer Notice.
  9. Ticking the three boxes will enable you to generate your invoice. This step is very important. Without doing this step the items will not be saved and the entry form will not be activated. Once the invoice has been generated you can also double check the items. To edit a misspelled name or change the item nr, simply go to "View existing entries", change the errors and re-submit the form. This can only be done if the entry has not been paid yet.
  10. Please use the Invoice number as reference when making the payment. To view all your invoices click on "Invoices". This is another way to ensure that all the entries have been registered.
  11. Depending on the Covid restrictions, the closing dates and guidelines for submitting video recordings will be communicated at a later stage.

-  To add an ENSEMBLE entry 

Please use this form for ensembles, duo- & triologue and all other duo/trio items

  1. Click "Add New Ensemble". This will open the Ensemble Entry Form 
  2. Select the year (2022).
  3. Select the teacher, or "add a teacher" if the name doensn't appear on the list.
  4. Add extra rows for more ensemble members by clicking  "Add another candidate".
  5. To remove a participant simply click "Remove" next to the information fields.
  6. Make sure to choose the correct syllabus code and item, before moving on. Once you have completed the form, click "Save" to register your ensemble.
  7. The rest of the process is exactly the same as registering a solo entry (see above).

-  To add a GROUP entry 

  1. To register a new group click "Add New Group" to open the Group Entry form
  2. Select the year (2022).
  3. Select the teacher or "add a teacher" if the name doesn't appear on the list.
  4. State the name of the group e.g. "The Marigolds".
  5. Choose the language in which the certificate must be printed.
  6. In the space underneath the name of the group, add the participants' names separated with a comma. Please note: no spaces after the comma). This is only necessary if each participant needs to receive a certificate. If you wish to receive only one certificate for the group, type the name of the group again in the space for "Participants".
  7. Complete all the fields making sure to choose the correct syllabus code and item before moving on. Once you have completed the form, click "Save" to register your Group.
  8. The rest of the process is exactly the same as registering a solo entry (see above).


The participant slips will only be available on the website as soon as the program for the specific section has been compiled by the organiser and the entry fee has been paid.

Please note: The participant slip mostly serves as information regarding the date, time and venue of the performance. It is not required by all sections to hand in a slip before adjudication. 

To download the slips:

  1. Logon and click on "Reporting".
  2. Choose the year (2022).  
  3. Enter the Syllabus Code: e.g. AS, W, R.
  4. Click on "Generate Report". You will then be able to download a PDF-file which you can view or download or save to your computer/ device. If no participant slip is available please check whether the entry fee has been paid. There will be no participant slip if the online mode of participation was selected.
  5. As soon as the entry fee is paid and the live program for the relevant section has been finalized, the slips will be made available.                                                                                                                                                    



(Please note: Submission of a photo is only applicable to Fine Arts section)


A.            Recording the video/Taking a photo

  1. Always keep in mind that the camera should be placed in a position as if it replaces the eyes of the adjudicator.
  2. A professional recording is not required. The recording/photo can be done with a smartphone or a video camera. Please note that NO editing of a recording/photo is allowed.
  3. Choose a suitable spot for your performance/artwork with enough light, but preferably not in front of a window or door. Ensure that the background is neutral with less light at the back. Extra lighting may be needed from the front, to have a clear picture of the performance/photo.
  4. Position the camera to have a full view of the performance area/artwork. Do not move the camera around or zoom in and out while recording. Please test the balance if you have an accompanist or a backtrack as part of the performance.
  5. Before you start recording or taking a photo please remember to turn off HD settings, or select the lowest available HD setting on your device. Recording in high definition will result in a file that is too large for upload.
  6. Ensure to “Save” your recording/photo on your computer/device. Strange characters in the filename, e.g. ê, ö, ü, will result in an invalid submission.

B.            Submitting the video/photo

  1. Submission can be done from a smartphone or a computer (if the video/photo has been transferred onto the computer).
  2. Once you have recorded your performance or taken the photo, please ensure that the file is smaller than the maximum file size capacity of 50MB. 
  3. You will need to access a separate portal to submit the video/photo. Please go to go www.submit.pretoriaeisteddfod.co.za. Preferably use Google Chrome or Firefox as browser.
  4. Login with the affiliate's username and password. If you only want to view a specific teacher's entries, please login with the that teacher's username and password. (Click on "Forgot password" to retrieve the login details).
  5. Select the specific entry from the list of registered entries. Please note that only paid entries will appear on the list.
  6. A submission form will appear.
  7. Upload the video/photo (click on "Choose File" or "Browse" to find the file on your computer/phone) or provide a link (e.g. YouTube, OneDrive or DropBox) to the video, if the file is larger than 50MB. If you need assistance with uploading a video on YouTube click here.. We suggest using YouTube as the safest option. Please note: If you use GoogleDrive you will have to make access to the link public. (You can change the setting to "Private" as soon as the adjudication has been finalised). No WeTransfer links will be accepted, as it only remains valid for a few days.
  8. Select your file and click on "Upload & Generate Link" to submit the file.
  9. Click on "Browse" under "Optional Supporting File" to submit the sheet music of the work performed (applicable in music sections).
  10. Provide an optional comment for the adjudicator in the space provided.
  11. Before the entry is submitted, a responsible adult (parent/teacher) has to confirm that the work uploaded is the participant's own and that the recording/photo has not been edited in any way.
  12. VERY IMPORTANT! Please check the link after submission (Copy & Paste the link preferably on a different browser). If the link is invalid or not accessible to the adjudicator, the video will not be assessed. 
  13. Finally, click on “submit”.
  14. A confirmation message will appear. This is only to confirm that a link was submitted. You still remain responsible to check the validity of the link.
  15. Click on "x" in the top right corner to return to the list of entries.
  16. Please follow this procedure from step 5 for each item you have entered for assessment.
  17. If you need to re-submit an invalid link, simply delete the faulty link and follow the steps above to generate a new link.
  18. Please note that ALL participants in an ensemble will be listed on the portal. The video can be submitted under any member of the ensemble. Also please check if all the members of the ensemble are listed.

C.        Downloading the results

  1. Please visit the same online portal at www.submit.pretoriaeisteddfod.co.za
  2. If you only want to view a specific teacher’s results, please logon with the teacher’s username and password. The affiliate’s login will display all the results of that institution/studio. (Click on “Forgot password” to retrieve your login details).
  3. A list of all the submissions will be displayed on the portal.
  4. In the “Search” space, please type the Item nr or the candidate’s name to find a specific submission.
  5. Choose the download option (CSV, Excel or PDF) or print the results. In Excel you can manipulate the report by deleting the columns you don't need. You can also sort the information according to the name, item number or symbol.
  6. If you wish to download or print all reports, simply choose from the available options.
  7. You will be notified as soon as the certificates are ready.