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    Recorders (code R) Rules    



Also please read the General Rules

1.   Participants must provide their own music stands and accompanists

2.   The eldest participant in the group will be definitive in all ensemble items

3.   All items are own choice and must be available for the adjudicator

4.   Candidates must comply with all requirements

5.   All the names of participants in ensembles must be provided

6.   Under Description of item on the entry form please indicate the period of the composition as well as the instrument

7.   A candidate may not present the same work in more than one category of the same section

8.   Candidates may enter only one item per category. E.g. R 20 Modern & Impressionistic 12/0, in other words two works may not be entered under the same category

9.   Music for the Quick Study will be available at the hall 24 hours before performance. The standard of the quick study will be adapted to the shortened preparation time

10.  A candidate may not present the same work in two consecutive years

11.  A novice is a candidate who has never participated in any eisteddfod/arts festival

12.  The correct duration of each item (piece and accompaniment) must be carefully stated on the entry form. The correct duration is essential for the compiling of the program. The duration must be supplied in the space provided (“Additional info”). Also please indicate the instrument type, e.g. Alto Recorder