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    Percussion Ensemble    



Duration:  10 minutes

Entry fees:  R350


Melodic Percussion

  • With or without piano accompaniment
  • Marimbas
P 37 Pre Primary
P 38 Primary School
P 39 High School

Rhythmic and Melodic Percussion

  • Combined
  • Big Marimbas
P 40 Pre Primary
P 41 Primary School
P 42 High School

Rhythmic and/or Melodic Percusssion: Duo & Trio

Entry Fees:
  • Duo: R100
  • Trio: R130
P 43                 Duo: Any age
P 44 Trio: Any age


Duration:  10 minutes

Entry fees:  R230


Orff Ensemble

  • Combined
  • Smaller Orff Instruments
P 45 Pre Primary
P 46 Primary School
P 47 High School

Rhythmic Ensemble

P 48 Pre Primary
P 49 Junior Primary
P 50 Senior Primary
P 51 High School

Rhythmic Ensemble

  • 5 or less

Entry fees:  R200

P 52 Any age
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