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Please note: Online assessment only (video recording) subject to revised restrictions announced from time to time. 

  • Entry Fees:  R370
  • Duration:   10 minute
  • Maximum 3 pieces

Brass Orchestra

O 1 High School
O 2 Open

Woodwind Orchestra

O 3 High School
O 4 Open

Mixed Orchestra

  • Combination of Woodwind & Brass instruments
O 5 High School
O 6 Open

Concert Orchestra

  • Combination of Woodwind & Brass instruments, percussion, double bass/cellos.
O 7 Primary School
O 8 High School
O 9 Open

Youth Orchestra

  • Symphony orchestra with a conductor
O 10 18 and under

Jazz Band   

  • Entry fees: R190
O 11 Open

Rock Band   

  • Entry fees: R190
O 12 Primary School
O 13 High School