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 Please read the General Rules and Regulations.

1.  This section is for high school learners and adults.

2.  Originality and diversity will be taken into account by the adjudicator.

3.  The use of photo copies is a contravention of the Copyright Act. A published copy must therefore be available at all times at the venue where the work is performed.

4.  A candidate may not present the same work in 2 consecutive years.

5.  Original songs must be presented. NO medleys.

6.  Songs from a Musical or a Gospel Song is not permissible in the English Song category.

7.  A song may only be presented once as a solo item or as a duo/trio item.

     Songs included in the Recital cannot be presented in any other section as a solo item.

8.  Only 1 verse to be presented except  for through-composed works.

9.  The duration stated, is the maximum time allowed. Candidates will be penalized for exceeding the time limit and will be asked to leave the stage.

10. Candidates must hand in a copy of songs to be sung - including unaccompanied Folk Songs.

11. Transposed works are permissible. The original composition must however be available.

12. Songs must be performed without sheet music. Exceptions:  Quick Study, Sight Reading and extracts from Cantata/Oratorio.

13. Sight Reading takes place IN CAMERA. Only the adjudicator and officials will be present. An accompanist will be provided by the Eisteddfod for  Sight Reading if    necessary.

14. Quick Studies will be available 48 hours before performance. A fax
      number for the candidate or the responsible person must appear on  the entry form for this purpose.

15. Candidates must provide their own accompanist for the Quick Study.

16. The oldest age in the group will be definitive in all ensemble items.

17. Adjudicators work at their own pace. Accompanists must therefore allow for possible delays.

18. Any  participant at the Pretoria Eisteddfod could be invited to perform at the Prize Winners concerts.





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