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    Vocals Junior (code VJ) Rules    



Please also read the General Rules and Regulations.

1.   NO microphone or backtracks allowed in this Section!

2.   Only 5 participants per item per affiliation (boys and girls). Also applicable for grade 0

3.   In order to qualify for an award a participant must enter for the Prescribed section, SA Composition and one other solo item.

      The rules as set out at each of the abovementioned categories must be adhered to. A candidate will not be considered for an award if he/she does not adhere to these rules.

      Overall winner: please refer to the requirements in the "Awards"-section.

4.   Originality and diversity in the Own choice sections will be taken into account.

5.   A candidate may not present the same work in 2 consecutive years.

6.   Original songs must be presented. NO medleys.

7.   Songs from a Musical, Film or a Gospel Song are not permissible in the English Song category.

8.   A song may only be presented once as a solo item or as a duo/trio item. Songs from this section may not be used in any other section of the Pretoria Eisteddfod.

9.   No more than two verses to be presented. A song with 16 bars or less can be repeated. Maximum duration 2 minutes.

10.   Accompaniment must be played as written as far as possible. For grade 0 to 5 the tune may be played clearly. An introduction may be played if one is not provided. The accompaniment should not overpower the candidate’s performance.

11. The duration of times indicated are the maximum time allowed. Candidates will be asked to stop if they exceed the time limit.

12. Prescribed works may only be presented in the PRESCRIBED SECTION.

13. Costumes and props may be used for Film and Musical items ONLY.

14. Transposed works are permissible. The original composition must however be handed in.

15. All songs to be performed from memory.

16. The eldest age in the group will be definitive in all ensemble items.

17. Candidates may only enter once in a specific age group in the ensemble section.

18. Clashes with any other section of the Pretoria Eisteddfod must be reported as soon as possible to enable the convener to make changes if possible. Clashes with SPORT ACTIVITIES can unfortunately not be taken into account.

19. Adjudicators work at their own pace. Accompanists must therefore allow for possible delays.

20. A participant who contravenes any of the above rules will not be eligible for an award.



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