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    Strings (code S) Rules    



Entry fees during adjudication:
-   Adults: R25.00 per session (Full day = R40.00)
-   Scholars:  R15.00 per session (Full day = R25.00)
-   Affiliated teachers: Free admission
-   Participants: Free during particpation session

1. All items are own choice.

2. Participation will only be live again this year, depending on Covid restrictions.

3. Age as on 1 January.

4. Candidates must provide their own accompanists.

5. The average age of the group (as on 1 January) will be definitive in all ensemble-items.  If 1 or more candidate(s) is/are older than 18, the item must be entered under Open.

6. All the names of participants in ensembles (up to 5 members) must be provided. More than 5 participants must enter as a group. Please supply the name of the group.

7. If participants in a group item wish to receive individual certificates all the names must be supplied on the entry form. 

8. The Ensemble items in the Open section (S124, S132, S140 and S148) may be used as an Ensemble requirement for the Dorothea Goedkoop award, but for no other ensemble requirement for any other award

9. A copy of the sheet music must be handed in.

10. NO repeats to be played.

11.  At the bottom of the entry form, please find the space for all the additional information such as the instrument (violin, viola, cello or double bass) as well the duration of the item.

12. A candidate may not present the same work in two consecutive years and also may not enter two or more different works under the same item number.