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    Junior Piano (code KJ) Rules    



Also please read the General Rules

1.  The duration of each item must be provided on the entry form in the space for "Additional info". The correct duration is decisive in compiling the program     

2.  Times quoted are maximum times. Candidates who exceed the given duration will be disqualified

3.  Music for the Quick Study will be sent via e-mail 48 hours before the performance

4.  Minimum standard for solo items and recitals if a candidate wishes to be considered for an award:

u/8        No minimum
u/9        Pre Grade
u/10      Grade 1
u/11      Grade 2
u/12      Grade 3

      The abovementioned requirements are not applicable to the exam section

5.  Exam Section (any age): Pieces must be chosen from the prescribed lists of UNISA, Royal Schools or Trinity College valid for the current eisteddfod year

6.  Solo Section: No exam pieces of the current eisteddfod year (UNISA, ABRSM, Trinity)

7.  Recital section: A list of works to be performed must be handed in at the table

8.  A copy of the sheet music must be provided and will be destroyed afterwards

9.  The eldest participant will be definitive in all ensemble items

10.  At the heading Description of item on the entry form please indicate the style period

11.  A candidate may not present the same work in more than one category of the same section

12.  A candidate may not present the same work in the same section for two consecutive years

 13.  A novice is a candidate who has not previously participated in any eisteddfod/arts festival