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    Awards (Junior Piano)    



  • No exam pieces where solo pieces are required for a trophy/award
  • Trophy and money prize winners must achieve an A+ minimum
Elfreda Penzhorn Best novice Nienke Botha Gisela Scriba
Ansie Vercueil Highest mark u/6 Not awarded
Dawn Taljaard Best Pre Grade 1 (KJ 57, 65, 69, 73, 77, 81, 85) Lua Coetzee Gisela Scriba
Ella Fourie Best Sight Reading (KJ 40 - KJ 44) Nika Meiring Claudine van Breda
Marié Gaerdes Best Prescribed Work (KJ 1 - KJ 7) Emily Coetzee Eudene Swart
Sus Joubert Best SA Composition (KJ 24  - KJ 27) Zhuofeng Du Claudine van Breda
Mark Efstratiou Best recital: u/6 Not awarded
Goldie Zaidel Best recital: u/8 Emily Coetzee Eudene Swart
Owen Rorke Best recital: u/10 Not awarded
Basil Taylor Best recital: u/12 Zhuofeng Du/Stefan Fourie Claudine van Breda/Annelien du Plessis
Old Mutual Best Concerto u/12 Stefan Fourie Annelien du Plessis
John Roos Best Recital: 8 years and under   
1 Solo item (highest marks from KJ 8/9, 12/13, 16/17, 20/21 and 24/25 will be considered), Quick Study and Sight Reading
Not awarded
Dalene Grobler Best Recital: 10 years and under
1 Solo item (highest marks from KJ 10, 14, 18, 22 and 26 will be considered), Quick Study and Sight Reading
Layla Taljaard Claudine van Breda
Wessel van Wyk Best Recital: 12 years and under
1 Solo item (highest marks from KJ 11, 15, 19, 23 and 27 will be considered), Quick Study and Sight Reading
Zhuofeng Du Claudine van Breda
Louise Labuschagne Best Parent/Teacher and candidate
KJ 109 - 112
Emily Heyns Gisela Scriba
Manfred Scriba Best junior trio Heidi, Jano & Yentl Venter Gisela Scriba
Pretoria Eisteddfod Best ensemble Zhuofeng Du & Lara Meiring Claudine van Breda
Lila Wag Best performer u/12 Layla Taljaard Claudine van Breda
Joseph Stanford Most outstanding Junior candidate Layla Taljaard Claudine van Breda
SAVMO Pretoria Best Grd 1  KJ 58, 62, 66, 70, 74, 78, 82, 86  Martin Moolman Elsabé Feldtmann
SAVMO Pretoria Best Grd 2  KJ 59, 63, 67, 71, 75, 79, 83, 87 Anwesha Malty Kim Brink-Flores
SAVMO Pretoria Best Grd 3  KJ 60, 64, 68, 72, 76, 90, 84, 88 Moné Lezar Leandra Mans
Runner-up The same criteria as for the overall winner will be applicable Not awarded


UNISA Music Examinations
Pre-Grade 1 to Grade 3                                                                                                  
  • A prize in the form of an entry directly payable at UNISA for the next music examination
  • Awarded for the highest mark for exam work
  • At least two pieces must be performed
Lua Coetzee                                                                   Gisela Scriba                                                                         

Marié Gaerdes Money Prize

Best SA composition (Junior or Senior)

Awarded to senior candidate


OVERALL WINNER                                            

Recital 50%, Prescribed work 10%,  2 solos 30%,              
Sight Reading & Quick Study 10%

Layla Taljaard                                                 

Claudine van Breda