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    Popular Music Vocal (code LM)    



1. Candidates Gr 1 - 3 enter in the Junior Vocal (VJ) section (with piano/keyboard accompaniment - no backtracks)

    Candidates Gr 4 - 7 enter for 3 items maximum.

    Candidates Gr 8 - 12 enter for 4 items maximum.

2. Times as indicated are the maximum performance times.  The adjudicator may ask candidates who exceed the prescribed time by more than 30 seconds to leave the stage. However, candidates will not be penalized.

3. Candidates must use the sound system provided at the venue. Please inform the convenor well in time when using additional instruments.

4. Backtracks must be on CD. If for some reason the CD does not work, backtracks must also be available on a USB flash drive.

5. The repertoire must be suitable for the candidate's age..

6. Imitation is sternly rejected.

7. Pre-recorded voices, enhancing the melody line of the voice, are not allowed.

8. It is not necessary to provide sheet music.

9. A candidate may only enter in one age group or grade per section, solo as well as ensemble sections. Grade 1 -  3 candidates are not allowed to participate in a higher grade. 

10. The highest age in the group will be definitive in all ensemble-items. Use the ensemble entry form for all Duos, Trios and Ensembles

11. Candidates must comply with all requirements.

12. All the names of participants in ensemble groups must be provided. More than 8 participants must enter as a group.

13. If participants in group items wish to receive individual certificates, all the names must be supplied on the entry form and an additional fee of  R25 per certificate must be added to the entry fees.  

14. A candidate may not present the same work in more than one category of the same section or in any other section of the Pretoria Eisteddfod.

15. A candidate may not present the same work in two consecutive years.

16. An affiliate is restricted to 5 participants per item in all  sections.

17. Choice of dress is optional during adjudication. At the Prize Winners concert dress is smart.


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