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    Popular Music Instrumental (code L)    



1.   The maximum duration of all items is as indicated. Participants exceeding the set duration, will be disqualified. Please indicate the choice of instrument (e.g. piano, keyboard, wind instrument, percussion, etc) clealy on the entry form.

2.   Maximum duration for solo items:  Junior: 3 minutes     Senior : 4 minutes
     Maximum duration for recitals:      Junior : 3 minutes     Senior:  10 minutes

3.   The eldest age in the group will be definitive in all ensemble-items.

4.   Candidates must comply with all requirements.

5.   All the names of participants in an ensemble must be supplied on the entry form.

6.   If participants in group items wish to receive individual certificates all the names must be supplied on the entry form.

7.   A candidate may not present the same work in more than one category of the same section.

8.   A candidate may not present the same work in two consecutive years.

9. A novice is a candidate who has never participated in any Eisteddfod.

10. Own choice section: Waltzes and Polkas from the Strauss era may be entered in this section. Any other classical work must be entered in the Classical section.