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    Fine Arts (code B) Rules    


Please note: Artworks to be submitted online

No artworks will be handled at the Eisteddfod Office


Entry Fees: R85.00 per artwork

Entry forms can be submitted from 20 June 2022 - 29 July 2022

1.      Please note: No artwork is physically submitted for adjudication. A good quality photo of the artwork is submitted on the following website: www.submit.pretoriaeisteddfod.co.za

2.    Themes of artworks are OWN CHOICE. Any medium or combination of mediums is allowed.

3.    Please follow the procedure below to submit an artwork:

  •     Entry forms are submitted online at www.pretoriaeisteddfod.co.za. Please use the solo entry form.
  •     After the entry has been submitted and the payment has been made, do the following to submit the artwork:
  •     Visit www.submit.pretoriaeisteddfod.co.za.
  •     Logon with the affiliate’s or teacher’s username and password.
  •     A list of the entries will appear. Please contact the Eisteddfod Office if an entry is not found.
  •     Click on “submit” at the specific entry to submit a photo of the artwork. (Also refer to “Online Guidelines” on the webpage for instructions).

4.     No photo may be manipulated electronically. No photoshop.

5.     Be sure to accept the declaration that it is the candidate's own work.

6.     An artwork may only be entered once for the Pretoria Eisteddfod.

7.     No late entries will be accepted.

8.    The decision of the adjudicators is final and no discussion or correspondence in this regard will be allowed.

9.    Certificates are issued according to the information supplied on the entry form. Please ensure that you enter for the correct grade in a specific category.

Please submit all entries online. (Use the "Solo Entry Form" and enter all items of a candidate on the same form.)

Submissions of photos close on 5 August 2022.
Refer to the Online Guidelines how to submit a photo. Click

Awards in all age groups will be considered to candidates with the highest marks (minimum A+ symbol) in the different categories, dependent on available sponsorships.

Overall winners need to obtain a minimum of A+ in any three categories.