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    English Drama (code E) Rules    


Also please read the General Rules


1. Non-English section please note: Only 5 entries per item per school will be allowed.  Only 8 entries per item per studio will be allowed

2. GROUPS must consist of 5 or more competitors, failing which, the group will be disqualified (except for the Group Creative Poetry Writing and Presentation section).

3. All sections are combined for boys and girls

4. Certificates are awarded according to symbols - see General Rules

5. The eldest age in the group will be definitive in all ensemble-items

6. All the names of participants in ensemble groups must be provided

7. If participants in group items wish to receive individual certificates all the names must be supplied on the entry form

8. Candidates must comply with all requirements

9. A candidate may not present the same work in more than one category of the same section

10. A candidate may not present the same work in 2 consecutive years

11. A candidate may not enter the same piece they have previously won a trophy for

12. A candidate is only allowed to enter either for a DUO, TRIO or QUARTET, but not all three categories

13. Please ensure that language used, is appropriate for an eisteddfod forum