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    Classical Guitar Ensemble    



Entry Fees: R100

G 41 10 and under
G 42 12 and under
G 43 14 and under
G 44 16 and under
G 45 18 and under
G 46 Open


Entry Fees: R140

G 47 12 and under
G 48 18 and under
G 49 Open


Entry Fees: R180

G 50 12 and under
G 51 18 and under
G 52 Open

More than 4 guitars

Entry Fees: R200

G 53 12 and under
G 54 18 and under
G 55 Open


Entry Fees: R245

Combination with voice or any other instrument (NOT guitar). One candidate may enter for more than one item in this section when the combination differs. All participants must be school going pupils.

G 56 Open

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